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Image by camilo jimenez

Meet Polly

Polly – our patented AI – uses the billions of available public online posts she monitors every day to accurately predict what will happen in your specific market – by region, demographic and audience

She can learn the behaviour and likely reaction of any target market and coach you to create advertising and messaging that gets the results you want

With Polly at your side, the who, what, when, where and why of any conversation that interests you can be captured and quantified


  • Instant and simplified market research insights modeled after Google Search

  • Summarizes key insights and trends by specific audiences, demographics and regions, longitudinally

  • Representative Samples that can be used to extrapolate insights to a greater population

  • Used by executives that want quick assessments of market trends or as input to retail platforms for demand tracking and forecasting

Modeled by Polly

  • Curated and interactive dashboards to show
    what is most important to you

  • Detailed engagement analysis of the relevant conversations

  • Test messaging on your intended audience without the risk of premature exposure

  • Come with full professional service with access to an Account Manager to guide you through reports and findings

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