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The AI for Decision Makers

askpolly is our platform market research AI assitant.
Select a region, enter your query, and Polly will capture the relevant conversations, accurately summarize them, and clearly illustrate the actionable insights found


Get Fast, Real Results With askpolly

She Catches the Drift

Being able to understand the intent behind your queries, Polly avoids concept drift and focuses on what’s most important to you

Without the need for human intervention, Polly is able to accurately summarize key themes from online conversations with her adaptable internet vocabulary

Language online is ever evolving and Polly keeps pace

Image by Scott Webb
Image by Nathan Duck

No Clutter

Once she has her question, Polly gets to the conversations that matter most to you

She can tame the voices of the vocal minority, check your blind-spots, all without filtering and bringing you the conversation as a whole

Market Research, Right on your Desktop

1. Worldwide Search

Select the geography that is of interest and input your search

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2. Audience Analysis

Polly will filter through millions of posts from your geography of choice in minutes, making sure her results are on topic

3. Discover

Polly will produce a statistically robust market research report consisting of: sample size, confidence interval and margin of error.

Discover the conversations that are top of mind for the audiences that matter to you.

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Got a Question?

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