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Modeled by Polly

Modern Market Research

Modeled by Polly curates interactive dashboards to show
what is most important to your business, with detailed engagement analysis of the relevant conversations. For instance, you can test messaging on your intended audience without the risk of premature exposure. With Modeled by Polly, you'll have access to a full professional service with an Account Manager to guide you through reports and findings

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Why Choose Modeled by Polly

Topic Discovery

Topic Discovery is a service unique to Augmented Research and can best be thought of as a “reverse questionnaire”

Using this service reveals the questions. It tells you what significant things people are saying about your product, service or organization unprompted.

It is most often used when customers aren’t sure which questions to ask and simply want to “listen” for frequently mentioned opinion

Message Testing

Supply us with your messaging, Polly then analyzes the messages and tests their performance against a representative sample of your intended market.

Polly looks to see how people in the sample responded to similar messages and compares it to your message without risking premature exposure.

Audience Profiling

Using a combination of Topic Discovery and Topic Modeling, Polly identifies the commonalities among people discussing your topic of interest

Polly then uses those characteristics to create a sample of people who have interacted with your topic of interest.

With a more precise audience definition, Polly enables you to create more targeted and efficient messaging, lowering ad spend.

Customer Personas

With Customer Personas, we can create in-depth psychographic and demographic profiles of our customer’s audience.

Personas allow us to identify common traits held by our customer’s audience including lifestyle, competitor, and purchasing preferences.

Detailed personas enable our customers to more effectively tailor their offerings.


Using historical data, such as a company's sales data, Polly is able to pair that with a representative sample of the customer’s target audience and analyzes what language is correlated with sales for that product or service.

For Polly to develop an accurate model, she requires a minimum of 24 separate points of data, such as sales cycle data over a period of 24 months or 24 weeks.

Polly uses the first 12 data points to develop the model. The second set of 12 data points is withheld, to test if Polly can accurately predict the future sales.

Once the required level of accuracy is achieved, Polly is ready to predict future product sales with a high degree of accuracy.


Using our Attribution services, we can measure the success of past campaigns to identify which forms of messaging were most effective.

This enables our customers to better select which channels they choose for future communications.

Included With All Our Services


Using Polly’s engagement analysis capabilities allows you to understand who is talking about your subject of interest, when they’ve spoken about it, and why they’re engaging with the subject.


Polly can segment your audience into different classifiers such as age, race, gender, income, employment, and education.

Longitudinal Analysis

Expanding on her engagement capabilities, longitudunal analysis is Polly’s way of creating ‘snap-shots’ allowing our customers to examine the engagemnt towards any subject of interest up until 2012.

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