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Our AI Polly offers tailored solutions for your products and services 

In which specific regions will we see a demand spike?

Which crisis communications strategy should we
undertake to communicate effectively with our customers?

Which influencers are winning fans for me, which are ineffective?

What are the top 3 changes we should make now to increase sales?

Who we are

Advanced Symbolics Inc. or ASI, was founded with the goal to bring market research into the 21st Century.

While traditional market research has an academic methodology behind their research, results are at risk of participant bias, and the process can be both time and cost intensive.

On the otherhand social listening services use large sets of data and offer near real time results, however they tend to be vanity metrics that lack any academic backing.

With our AI Polly, we at ASI took the best from both worlds, using the large data sets as the foundation of our research, and the academic methods as our process to find real insights.

Elliot Gauthier

Senior Vice President and National Leader, Data + Analytics

“The AI-based tool that ASI has created is on the leading-edge of next generation insight-gathering. In a context of increasing polling fatigue and skepticism, the application of AI is a very exciting development.”

Advanced Symbolics Inc

109 York St.

Ottawa, Ontario K1N5T4


+1 (613) 518-1644

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