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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you complying with privacy regulations?
Yes. We access publicly available information shared on social platforms by consenting individuals. We do not access private communications.
Isn't online research biased?
We measure natural engagement on different subjects shared by online users. We do not ask questions, we measure authentic engagement in the subjects at study. The samples of our study are representative of the entire population, allowing us to learn about how the general society feels about the same subject.
Is this the same as Social Media Listening?

Social media listening is a customer intelligence tool that informs on subjects being discussed. The results don’t allow us to draw conclusions on a larger population because the gathered information does not come from a representative sample, and therefore cannot lead to scientifically accepted generalization.

We study topics based on information gathered from large samples from targeted demographics. From this we can draw scientifically approved conclusions on the larger population.

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