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Trust in Government Consulting

The Objective

Test the impacts of social media misinformation on Canadian’s view of the federal government and to track trust in government.

ASI Enabled

Language Emotion Classification

Analyzed the level of trust in government using our natural language processing technique.

Ideology Classification

Implemented scientific methodology to determine political affiliation of those in our target sample.

Sentiment Classification

Classified conversations on government and key policy areas according to their emotional valence.

Broken Trunk

Our Solutions

ASI’s artificial intelligence, Polly™, determined Canadians’ level of trust, and emotion towards the government and key policy areas. Polly™ found that the furthest right 5% of the political spectrum was far more negative than the rest of the spectrum. This was not seen on the left; instead, there was a consistent increase in political engagement and a gradual change in views. In partnership with TVO and iPolitics, we provided compelling periodic snapshots of Canadians’ trust in our institutions. Snapshots were also provided on the governance challenges facing our next federal government. These snapshots can be viewed and were published weekly on and

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