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Skills Trade Recruitment

The Objective

This professional association came to ASI for more information on where individuals aged 13-35 receive career information about landscaping. Additionally, they were looking for the most influential factors for high school students and millennials when they are choosing their careers as well as which professions landscaping is competing with in the job market.

ASI Enabled

Audience Analysis

Identified commonalities among those engaging on landscaping and subsetted the representative sample of Canadians by age to target the correct segment

Message Testing

Gauging how the key influence groups would react to different messaging to the main draws of the profession

Topic Discovery

ASI identified which aspects of the landscaping profession were the most engaged upon in the audience of interest

Broken Trunk

Our Outcomes

Parents, family and friends are the most influential avenues.
The landscaping industry holds a significant competitive advantage in the online video platforms/streaming services when compared to the construction and plumbing industries
The messages of using the newest innovations in technology to create efficiency as well as the message of having the opportunity to be creative and help design beautiful landscapes are most resonant.
In terms of net positive engagement for deciding to enter the landscaping profession, the desire to obtain a career involving creative thinking, attracted to a job with a variety of daily tasks, and having family members in the industry are the best drivers.
The driver with the most influence on prospects deciding to enter the landscaping profession is the “Desire to work in an industry to help the environment”. The initial net positive engagement was 46% looking for a job, and this driver drove 69% of people to decide on landscaping

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