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Professional Trade Association

The Objective

Identify the best audience to recruit into their manual labour-centric profession and discover how to entice those candidates to join the profession.

ASI Enabled

Source Discovery

Allowed this association to identify where audiences are getting their information on the industry.

Topic Discovery

Provided insights on the key themes in conversations the general public was having about their industry and profession.

Engagement Analysis

Allowed them to compare discussions surrounding their industry/profession and the other trade professions.

Broken Trunk

Our Solutions

ASI's artificial intelligence, PollyTM, discovered that this professional trade association should recruit self-identified artists and creative individuals.
Polly was able to identify this because these groups had the strongest positive sentiment toward a career in the association's line of work.
Polly also discovered that the best way to recruit these individuals was to highlight the profession's flexibility, which was a key influence for full-time artists.
Our AI found that the profession's flexibility was the key influence for full-time artists.
ASI highlighted that the second most important part of the group's recruitment prosses would be showcasing the creative elements of the profession.
We found that to appeal to artists, they would have to highlight the creative elements of the profession; artists are often guided by how creative they can be in their day- to-day.

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