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The Objective

Provide data on Post Media’s audience, and the factors that lead an audience member to subscribe to Postmedia’s publications.

ASI Enabled

Message Testing

Allowed Postmedia to test messages and gauge the reaction they would receive if published publicly.

Insights Modeling

Reviewed sampling data and topic discovery to determine the most valuable findings and optimize further insights.


Identified which advertising campaigns were most effective and the channels that will be best for future messaging.

Broken Trunk

Our Solutions

ASI’s artificial intelligence, Polly™, created an in-depth breakdown of Postmedia users. Postmedia used this report to help redefine its brand's target market. Polly™ determined Postmedia's competitor's regional popularity. ASI ran a similar analysis to determine the regional popularity and traits associated with Postmedia's brands. Postmedia effectively used our insights to improve future marketing strategies.

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