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Pest Control Association

The Objective

Determine how clients engage on various pest-related topics and discover how this impacts business interests.

ASI Enabled

Message Testing

Allowed them to test messages and gauge the reaction they would receive if published publicly.

Topic Discovery

Provided insights on the key themes in conversations the general public was having about the pest industry and profession.

Engagement Analysis

Allowed this group to compare the conversations surrounding the industry and the other professions.

Broken Trunk

Our Solutions

ASI’s artificial intelligence, PollyTM, provided insights on what pest control issues are impacting Americans in each state.
PollyTM discovered the most prominent pest issues in each area of the home and how these changed state by state.
The market research educated the group on the American population's regional pest control needs.
PollyTM incorporated qualitative elements such as 'how Americans are discussing their current pest management needs' into her reporting.
Polly's qualitative data was used to help this organization discover new ways to connect with its communities.

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