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Electric Vehicle Adoption Study

The Objective

Help their company better understand Canadians’ current view of electric vehicles and how these opinions will affect the market in the future.

ASI Enabled

Conversation Modeling

Observed natural conversation in real-time to eliminate response and question bias and accurately discover electronic vehicle trends.

Audience Profiling

Found commonalities among those engaging on E.V's online and built a sub-sample of the most likely potential customers.

Attribute Analysis

By identifying key service and product attributes that are akin to the EV industry, Polly was able to rank car brands and charging services amongst prospective and current EV owners.

Broken Trunk

Our Solutions

ASI’s artificial intelligence, PollyTM, helped their organization better understand current opinions and how these will affect the E.V market moving forward.
PollyTM, created a bespoke report that included emotion, sentiment, and longitudinal data.
Reports were user-friendly and allowed this organization to control which data and insights to download.
Data was seamlessly incorporated into the organization's previous research.
Insights helped them become experts and further inform their understanding of electric vehicles and their future market.

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