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CPG Brand Ranking and Awareness

The Objective

Help this firm find actionable strategic insights for U.S. and Canadian markets.

ASI Enabled

Brand Awareness Measure

Enabled the organization to identify and measure regional brand awareness and compare it with its competitors.

Topic Discovery

Provided the firm with insights on key themes and conversations the general public was having about its brand.

Conversation Analysis

Applied ASI's language processing techniques to the group's library of data and identified key themes, product strengths, & opportunities at the individual brand and product level.

Broken Trunk

Our Solutions

ASI’s artificial intelligence, PollyTM, Identified the brand equity, awareness and mental associations towards the energy drink in both Canada and the US.
Polly's brand awareness testing discovered that Canada has the largest brand awareness for the brand.
Further, our AI found that it was associated with being healthy and clean in both Canada and the USA.
Our AI ran a similar analysis on competing energy and electrolyte beverages to help find new ways for the organizations brand to differentiate itself.
This market research discovered an untapped market amongst nursing professionals.

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