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Advisory Group Message Testing

The Objective

Determine engagement and stance of the general population and policymakers on pesticides.

ASI Enabled

Engagement Analysis

Allowed them to compare discussions surrounding pesticides from both the general public and policymakers.

Message Testing

Allowed this advisory group to test messages and gauge the reaction they would receive if published publicly.

Stance / Sentiment Analysis

Polly used her thorough understanding of language to analyze the sample and determine the sentiment and stance surrounding each message.

Broken Trunk

Our Solutions

ASI's artificial intelligence, PollyTM, created a representative sample of Poland's general population and a policymaker sample in the capital city of Poland.
Polly provided the advisory group insights into how and why perceptions surrounding pesticides change from country to country.
Additionally, ASI informed the group of how these perceptions change when different messaging is introduced.
Polly's patented algorithm, Conditional Independence Coupling (CIC), ensured that our results were free of bias.
Additionally, its rigorous sampling methodology provided the scientific bedrock needed for this study's machine learning and natural language processing techniques.

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