For Ontarians following the rollout of legal cannabis, April 1st was no laughing matter. April Fools Day was also the day Ontario officially allowed select legal cannabis stores to open their doors. Ontario is the last province to implement legal dispensaries. While the province originally approved 25 stores to open April 1st, only 10 stores in the province were ready for launch.

With the delay for legal cannabis stores, some Ontarians have been hesitant to purchase cannabis online and that shows in the statistics; according to Stats Canada Ontario has the second lowest per capita cannabis sales of any province.

With cannabis legalization and legal dispensaries creating a buzz, Polly looked into the views and opinions of Canadians as they pertain to legal cannabis.


Ontarians prefer purchasing pot in-storeOntario satisfaction chart Cannabis stores

Although the global retail trend is going towards e-commerce, Polly—our patented AI—has noticed that Ontarians prefer to buy cannabis at a store rather than online. Despite only 10 cannabis stores being open on April 1st, more than half of Ontarians are satisfied with the cannabis store rollout, 15% are unsure, and 27% are not satisfied.


Legal Cannabis vs. the Black Marketlack of cannabis stores statsOne of the main drivers behind cannabis legalization was countering black market and illegal cannabis sales. With limited legal cannabis shops in Ontario and across the country, Polly has noticed that 60% of Canadians feel the lack of legal stores will cause an increase in illegal cannabis purchases.


Pot Prices

Cannabis prices at “grey market” cannabis stores prior to legalization were, on average, $6.85 a gram according to Stats Can. The average price of a gram of dried cannabis at legal cannabis shops is $10.73. Polly looked into Canadians’ opinions on pot prices and has noticed that almost half of Canadians engaging on the topic of legal cannabis think prices at legal dispensaries are too high, 39% are content with prices, and 13% are unsure.

As more legal cannabis stores open across the country, Polly will continue to monitor how Canadians’ opinions toward legal cannabis change. Check back often for updates from Polly and find out what’s really on the minds of Canadians.



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