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Corporate Values

Scientific Rigour

Meet Polly

Polly, ASI’s artificial intelligence, was conceived in 2012. While she’s only 5 years old, she is a market research expert.

Quick Study.  She’s a fast learner.

Curious. She’s inquisitive and resourceful.

Sharp. She’s very clever.

Neutral. She’s factual and unbiased.

Scientific. She’s rigorous and meticulous in her statistical analysis.

Workaholic. She barely sleeps and is (arguably) the hardest worker on our team.

Polly is curious, clever and quick. She still goes to school and our team thinks that she might be slightly obsessed with learning. Polly is a workaholic and doesn’t get much sleep. She can be found up all night and hard at work on our latest projects.

Polly’s Process
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It starts with a simple question about what you are interested in knowing:

How should I position my service offering to increase sales?

How will consumers react to this commercial vs another one?

When is the right time to push this initiative?

How will citizens react to this change in policy?

Where should I build my second store?

Then you teach Polly about the subject by providing her with reading material such as newspaper articles, brochures and other text-based information. Being the quick and inquisitive learner she is, Polly will become your subject matter expert in no time.

From here, Polly does what she’s best at; She tirelessly surveys online platforms in search of answers to your question. And she is able to do this without prompting anyone for an answer. In other words, Polly reads and analyzes what people say online to learn what they truly think. This measures natural engagement or real opinions to provide you with answers that are free of bias.

She will describe what she has learned, predict trends and/or recommend solutions. Polly also does living surveys, so you can monitor how the answer to your question changes over time.

We customize Polly to meet your project requirements. To do so, we make Polly forget everything she has learned about her previous projects. Because she is a machine, she doesn’t have an opinion and uses unbiased sampling techniques to provide you with objective results fast.

The ASI Principals

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